British Reporter Exposes How Easy It Is To Get Fake Nursing License, Diploma In Recto, Manila

British reporter fake Nursing documents

A British reporter has just exposed a dark side of Manila, and Philippines as well. For only £43 (around P3,000), he was able to get a fake Nursing license from the Professional Regulation Commission (PRC), college diploma, transcript of records, and even graduation photo. All of them were obtained along C.M. Recto, Manila.

According to Daily Mail reporter Stephen Wright, he was able to get all of these fake school documents for only a few days, plus a forged National Bureau of Investigation clearance. Using a video camera, he bravely documented the blatant promotion of fixers at Recto in broad daylight, under the noses of the authorities.

“I was even given a glossy [graduation] photograph to hang on my wall,” Wright said in his a video, adding that his fixer even gave him suggestions on which school he should graduate and when so he can easily be hired, especially abroad. He ended up to be a “graduate” of Our Lady of Fatima University.

“There could be little doubt that majority of nurses from the Philippines are properly qualified. But our investigation into the trade and bogus business and qualifications in Manila raises some disturbing questions about NHS [National Health Service] recruitment,” Wright added.

This expose by the British reporter comes after a Filipino nursed named Victorino Chua was sentenced to life imprisonment in the UK this Monday, after he was found guilty of poisoning patients at a hospital in Stockport. The said incidents reportedly happen in June and July 2011, and he was arrested in 2012.

Meanwhile, Mr. Wright describes his discovery as a “major embarrassment to ministers, hospital chiefs and officials at the Nursing and Midwifery Council.” Back in 2013, the same council suspended the hiring of foreign nurses from some countries, including the Philippines due to alleged fake documents.

But on a separate report on Daily Mail, it said that the National Health Service is still hiring nurses from the Philippines. This is despite the scandal brought by Chua and the suspicion of obtaining fake school and government documents in Manila just to be hired in the UK.

As of posting, no local government agency has responded to expose by the British reporter. Nevertheless, this bogus has been going on in Recto for decades, and everyone in Manila (and even in other areas) knows about this. It has been featured many times on local news and documentaries, but it has never stopped.

Over the years, local authorities have been conducting raids on this so-called “Recto University” where almost any fake document is available. In June 2014 alone, former president and now Manila Mayor Joseph “Erap” Estrada personally led a raid on the said area. But still, they keep coming back, over and over.

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