Britain’s Got Talent Talking Dog Audition Wows Judges, Sparks Controversy (Video)

Marc Metral talking dog BGT audition

Meet Marc Metral and his talking dog, Miss Wendy. The pair wowed the crowd during the audition at Britain’s Got Talent, aired last Saturday. As you can see on the video below, Miss Wendy appears to be talking to her owner. But despite the standing ovation and four “yeses” they received, the act earned some controversy.

When Marc Metral from Paris, France walked to the stage, he asked show judge Alesha Dixon if he can invite his special guest, Miss Wendy. Upon approval, a white, hairy dog came in, while the song “Pretty Woman” is being played on the background. Obviously, the holy cuteness immediately caught everyone’s attention.

Then, Marc places her on a stand and started their act. Simon Cowell and some audience members can be seen a bit awkward when he started talking to Miss Wendy. The entertainer then asked the dog to say something. The dog opened her mouth and said, “No.” Who wouldn’t be shocked to hear a talking dog? 🙂

Everyone could not believe what they saw. Miss Wendy opens her mouth at the exact timing when she was supposed to talk or answer Marc’s questions. For the added thrill, the dog meows twice and even tried to sing “Feelings” with Metral. Without a doubt, the act was very entertaining and literally stole the entire show.

During the judges’ comments, Amanda Holden said that for nine years, Simon has been waiting to see a dog that could ‘meow’ or sing, adding that Marc Metral is making television history. Simon says he doesn’t know how the dog can talk. David Walliams said it was an incredible act, while Alesha said it was fantastic.

But apparently, not everyone was happy. Some Twitter users said that the dog looks stressed and scared. Others claimed that the dog has a fake jaw being operated by Marc, which made it look like it was talking. The controversy reached the knowledge of animal charity RSPCA, and said that it will check the act.

Meanwhile, producers of Britain’s Got Talent said that they are making sure that all animals in any act are safe and not being harmed. At the same time, the 61-year old French ventriloquist said that he has been working with animals since 1980, wherein the five years was with Miss Wendy, the talking dog.

What do you think of the act? Is this another case of animal abuse? Or some people are just getting paranoid because they don’t know how the act was done? 🙂