Brain Game: Which Direction Will This School Bus Go Forward, Left or Right?

Brain game bus direction left right

In which direction will the school bus on the drawing once it goes forward, left or right? This is the latest puzzle that was featured on National Geographic TV show, Brain Games. According to the show, they asked children under 10, and that 80 percent of them got the correct answer quickly. We suggest that you read further below before you answer this brain test.

As you can see, the school bus has no clear details about its front and back. The image doesn’t also show the driver’s seat, as well as the direction of the road. This means it will be hard for you to know the correct direction if you will only focus on its appearance. But if you will analyze the drawing further, you will notice that the door of the bus cannot be seen.

Therefore, you can easily conclude that it is on the other side of the school bus. In that case, the correct answer depends on where you live. If are living in the US or the Philippines where the driver’s seat is at the left and the door is the right, the school bus will travel to the left. But if you live in the UK or Australia, everything is reversed and the bus will go towards your right.

Interestingly, many adult netizens (not only from the Philippines) were not able to answer this brain game correctly or have spent longer time in thinking. This is despite the fact that this trick has been asked many times before. According to experts, the kids were able to answer it fast and correct simply because they have different first-hand analysis than most adults.

Apparently, kids are more likely to use the visual cue in analyzing what they see. On the other hand, adults tend to use various sensory clues before making a judgment. In addition, an adult mind is usually more preoccupied as compared to kids. But while this ‘bus direction’ puzzle may be tricky, it’s a great reminder for us that sometimes, all we need to use is our common sense.

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