BOC Employee Who Defended Balikbayan Box Checking Apologizes, But Denies Insulting OFWs

BOC employee Roussel Tan sorry

Roussel Osena Tan, an employee of the BOC (Bureau of Customs), recently earned tons of criticisms from netizens and OFWs for defending the new random-checking of balikbayan boxes. Later, Facebook posts that allegedly came from her contained insults to OFWs. Afterwards, a Facebook post also went viral stated that she is the real Roussel Tan, and that she is sorry.

On her first Facebook post, the BOC employee cited an incident where a certain balikbayan box contained an undeclared brand new refrigerator. In addition, she noted that some packages were declared ‘For Personal Use,’ but in reality the items are for business purposes. She also said the forwarder is present during the inspection.

And although Roussel Tan (whose real name is Maria Roussel O. Tan) appears to have a valid point, many OFWs still don’t agree with the opening of balikbayan boxes, emphasizing that the BOC is invading their privacy. Shortly, another set of Facebook posts using her name contain harsh words and insults against OFWs went viral. That Facebook account is now deactivated.

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BOC employee Roussel Tan insult OFWs

But this Tuesday, August 25, another Facebook post appeared to be coming from the real Roussel Osena Tan, using Lessour Nat Aneso. This time, she apologized to those who were offended by her first post. However, she denied posting insults to OFW, and noted that a fake Facebook account with her photos has been created to destroy her reputation.

The controversial BOC employee said that her real Facebook page was hacked, and that she is now coordinating with the NBI Cybercrime to eventually arrested the alleged impostor. She is also begging the public to stop criticizing her, emphasizing that her children have been affected, and her family is already receiving death threats.

As per our own research on Facebook, we didn’t find any Facebook account with a name Lessour Nat Aneso. Instead, we found a Community page using the name of Roussel Osena Tan. We also found a newly created account with the name ‘Roussel Osena Tan – Tagabukas ng Package ng OFW’ (News Personality). Both pages have tons of negative comments.

Obviously, both accounts are fake, and were only created to add anger against her. We will not be surprised if more fake accounts will be created. Therefore, we strongly suggest that Roussel Tan present herself to the media to clear her name. she should also show solid proof that her real account was hacked.

For the record, we don’t blame the netizens and OFWs for the outrage and we are not defending Roussel Tan. However, we suggest that you first make a thorough research if the posts are legit before you believe and react. If you are sure they are real, report them to their employer (BOC for this incident) and include the link of the post, instead of the screenshot only.

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