Bishop Slams DOH Plans to Distribute Condoms in Public High Schools and Over-the-Counter Selling

A Filipino Catholic bishop criticized the selling of condoms via over-the-counter, saying that it is immoral and an unchristian act. According to Bishop Arturo Bastes of Sorsogon, easy access to condoms is very risky especially to the youth. The bishop also slammed the Department of Health (DOH) for its plan to distribute condoms in public high schools.

“That is absolutely immoral, absolutely irresponsible. That is really a terrible practice. In my opinion, by doing that (making condoms easily available), it would make our people immoral and make our people unchristian.” Bishop Bastes said in an interview over Radio Veritas this Monday, December 5. and was published at CBCP news website this Tuesday.

“We would like the government to really to do their best not to make those things available like selling simple things to our people. I think there should be no availability of condoms over the counter.” The bishop added, noting that selling of contraceptives or birth control is like encouraging the youth to perform immoral activities, and that it should be stopped.

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Bishop Bastes also emphasized that using of condom is not really a guarantee of safety against HIV/AIDS, which according to the World Health Organization (WHO) has killed 1.1 million people globally in 2015 alone. He contradicted the statement of DOH Secretary Paulyn Jean Ubial during a press conference for the World AIDS Day 2016 last Thursday.

“Dito sa HIV/AIDS, kailangan rin po, malaking bahagi ng ating campaign is the information and also education of the public on how to prevent HIV transmission and also to have themselves tested if they are doing risky behavior.” Secretary Ubial said, noting that there will be a strict venue for the distribution of condoms in public schools across the country.

“Ang gusto po nating tulong sa Simbahan ay ‘yung correct information. ‘Wag ho ‘yung misinformation ang pinapalaganap nila,” She added, stressing out the condom distribution will be accompanied with proper sex education, guides to how avoid HIV/AIDS and other sexually-transmitted diseases, and encouraged Filipinos to remain faithful to their partners.



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