BGC Marshal and Friends Harass Group of Men Over Confiscated Driver’s License (Video)

Abusive BGC Marshal friends

A Bonifacio Global City (BGC) Marshal and his companions harassed and assaulted his group, according to Mark Jason Benipayo Quintana. Below is the video of a portion of the incident he posted on his Facebook page this Friday, July 24, 2015. Apparently, it started when the said marshal confiscated the driver’s license of his driver.

Based on the Quintana’s claim, their convoy was stopped by BGC Marshal P. Francial at 11th Ave. corner McKinley Parkway, BGC, Taguig City at around 2:50 AM that day. He said that the said marshal confiscated the driver’s license of his driver and required them to pay P500 gate pass fee because their vehicle has 6 wheels. To confirm the amount, Jason called his friend, who said the payment should be P100 only.

As you can see on the video, Marshal P. Francial got annoyed when he saw the camera and called Quntana as ‘bastos’ (rude). The latter is politely asking the marshal how his driver can recover his driver’s license. But instead of answering his question, the marshal used his radio to call his companions. The untoward incident started when they arrived.

Below is the entire Facebook post of Mark Jason Benipayo Quintana, as he relates the details of the incident involving an abusive BGC Marshal and his friends.

An abusive BGC Marshal (and friends) harassed and assaulted our group. (July 24, 2015)

Today, at around 2:50 AM, our convoy (an Isuzu Elf and a Toyota Revo) was apprehended by BGC Marshal P. Francial at 11th Ave. cor. McKinley. The said Marshal confiscated the license of my driver and asked us to pay 500 pesos because our vehicle has 6 wheels. (By LTO definition, a vehicle must be classified based on weight, not on the number of wheels. Ours is a 3800kg vehicle, under the 4500 minimum weight on “trucks” ). I was skeptical of what he is saying to us so I called some friends in the Lights and Sounds industry, to determine how much do they pay these BGC Marshals. They told me that they only pay 100 for a gate pass. I then asked the Marshal if he has a ticket or any documentation as proof that he confiscated a license. He couldn’t produce one, and repeatedly told us to just go to their office and argue with their officers there. He then walked away to his outpost.
It was 3:03 AM.

I then left my vehicle to continue my dialogue with the Marshal. Instinctively, I started recording with my phone. I approached the Marshal and asked again about the proper procedure on how to regain the license. Upon reaching him, he tried to grab my arm and repeatedly pointed his finger on my face. He kept saying “Bastos ka eh.” I continued to ask him about the proper procedure on cases like ours. After a few seconds(0:50), he radioed for help. At (2:15), a motorcycle went rushing from afar. At (2:30), the three men aboard the motorcycle shouted at me. At (2:33), he told the men: “Bastos ‘to eh. Tingnan niyo ginagawa niya.” The man wearing shorts shoved my face. At (3:23), the other one wearing white approached me and punched my face and followed up with kicks. At (3:45), other Marshals can be seen arriving at the scene. The reinforcements then took turns in harassing our group. The assailants also stayed within meters of the outpost. At this point, I walked away.

I then called 117 and other emergency hotlines. (first call was connected at 3:10 AM). We waited for police assistance to arrive. At around (4:00 AM), my driver came back with the gate pass. He approached Marshal P. Francial to redeem his license. The marshal refused and threatened my driver. As my driver approached our truck, the assailants run towards our group and one of them successfully attacked my driver and left. At this point, we decided to leave the scene without the license and just head straight to the police station. As we approached our vehicles, the assailants picked up rocks and threatened to hit us. We slammed on our accelerators and headed straight to the police station.

There, we were welcomed by sleeping officers. After waking them up and some convincing on the gravity of the situation, they escorted us to the scene. After narrating everything to them, they refused to search the last known location of the assailants. They said, I just have videos, not names. We then went to the Marshal’s office adjacent to the police station.

Outside their office, we were confronted by Francial’s superiors, supervisors and other officers. All of them defended Francial’s actions. They even mentioned that the scene of the crime is outside Francial’s jurisdiction. One of them repeatedly stated that they will not risk apprehending the assailants with their own lives. They also insisted that they don’t know any of the assailants.

(5:30AM) After more than two hours, countless arguments, a dislocated jaw, a broken nose and a black eye, an ambulance finally arrived to treat my driver.

Forgive me, but I can’t help but ask some questions related to this incident.

Do these BGC marshals have the authority to confiscate driver’s license? I don’t think so. Why does BGC Marshal P. Francial think that documenting the situation is ‘bastos’? Does really need to call his companions if he is sure that he has done nothing wrong? What will happen to police officers in the police station who were allegedly sleeping while on duty?

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