Beyonce Instagram Follows Filipino User, But Unfollows Later

Beyonce Instagram

Screenshot Credit: Beyonce Instagram

If you are a huge fan of singer Beyonce Knowles, you know that she never follows anyone on her Instagram account. On Twitter, Beyonce only follows eight people. But in a much unexpected moment early this week, the “Run The World” singer followed a Filipino male user in Instagram. Her 23.1 million followers became intrigued about his identity.

According to the comments on Beyonce Instagram, the username is @paolobeyond. At first, no one noticed that he is a Filipino. Most of Beyonce’s American followers are not familiar with the photos of the said Instagram account. However, they noticed that there are also photos of other female Hollywood celebrities besides Beyonce.

Shortly after, more Beyonce’s fans began to comment and couldn’t believe what happened. The news spread on other social sites such as Facebook and Twitter. Even showbiz reporters know that Beyonce does not follow anyone on Instagram, not even her loving husband, successful record producer and rapper, Jay-Z.

Around two hours later, one Filipino Beyonce fan left a comment that cleared everything. According to Apolinaria Magbitang, the profile photo on the PaoloBeyond Instagram account is Paolo Ballesteros, the Filipino actor-host who has been doing makeup transformation of female Hollywood celebrities.

Among the amazing makeup transformation by Paolo Ballesteros include Marilyn Monroe, Angelina Jolie, Mariah Carey, Julia Roberts, Anne Hathaway, Cameron Diaz, Taylor Swift, Miley Cyrus, Katy Perry, Rihanna, and Beyonce. And yes, Ellen DeGeneres invited Paolo to appear on her show.

But while it is true that many of the photos on the PaoloBeyond Instagram account has photos of Paolo Ballesteros’ makeup transformation projects, including that of Paolo copying Beyonce’s face, the said account is not the real account of Paolo Ballesteros, according to Magbitang on her comment.

“Sorry, Beyonce. But you just made a huge mistake. If you really want to follow Paolo Ballesteros’ Instagram account, his real account is @pochoy_29, not @paolobeyond. This account has been stealing Paolo’s photos and pretending to be him.” Apolinaria Magbitang (@apolopdiay) wrote.

After less than one hour, Beyonce’s Instagram account unfollowed @paolobeyond. However, it was made clear if the 33-year old American singer is really the one who followed the said account. Many Beyonce fans said her account could have been hacked. The PaoloBeyond Instagram account was immediately deleted.

As of posting, Beyonce (or even her representative) and Instagram have not officially commented on this issue. For the real Paolo Ballesteros, he said he has no idea that his photos were stolen. However, he said he is happy to hear that “Beyonce” wants to follow him on Instagram.

“I feel proud that Beyonce could have seen my makeup transformation of her. However, I’m sad that some Instagram users are irresponsible. Anyway, I’ll be very happy if the real Beyonce will follow me here.” Paolo Ballesteros (@pochoy_29) wrote.