Beware: This MMDA Pakitang Gilas Traffic Proposals List is Hoax, MMDA Confirms

MMDA Pakitang Gilas proposals hoax

Recently, a list of traffic proposals allegedly by the Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA) to the incoming Duterte administration went viral on Facebook and Viber. But because many netizens easily believe everything they see on social media, MMDA Chairman Emerson Carlos warned the public, confirming that it is only a hoax.

“MMDA is reminding the public to be wary of spreading information that does not come from official sources, or does not indicate any source whatsoever.” The official statement of MMDA chairman Emerson Carlos at the official MMDA Facebook page reads, adding that all proposals shall be found in their official social media channels.

We at TN did not receive this viral message, but we found a copy at Top Gear Philippines so we decided to re-publish it here for you to read them. But why do we agree that it is fake? First of all, the grammar suggests that the sentences are not well constructed. Second, most of these alleged MMDA proposals are obviously ridiculous and impractical.

MMDA Pakitang Gilas:

1. No more number coding, simply odd-even scheme to be implemented & no hours of exception window;

2. New cars cannot chose plate numbers;

3. Buses not allowed to overtake;

4. All subdivision gates open to the public 6am to 10pm & no parking in these subdivision roads within this time frame;

5. No stopping, no waiting, no loading/unloading on classified roads;

6. No garage, cannot acquire car [neighborhood inspection for violations conducted 11pm to 4am;

7. Minimum fine if car stalled in main avenues P10,000;

8. All sidewalks will be cleared;

9. Jaywalking fine P5,000;

10. Strict no-contact traffic apprehension;

11. Provincial buses have no business plying EDSA as these are not allowed to load & unload passengers;

12. No more P1M fine for colorum & out-of-line buses, these will be confiscated & LTO registration cancelled as their use is illegal;

13. Educated & well trained & highly paid [35K/month] MMDA traffic constables dedicated to apprehension & ticketing will be deployed equipped w/ on-line hi-tech devices w/ cameras to be deployed;

14. More than 15-yr old vehicles will be denied registration;

15. Traffic & parking in schools will be regulated, ex: strictly NO parking on Ortigas Ave;

16. Unutilized large vacant lots to be used for pay-parking by LGUs, revenues to cover real propery taxes & security costs;

17. Strict motorcycle lane enforcement w/ P5K fine;

18. 5-year renewal license requires written & practical re-tests for drivers;

19. LGUs not allowed to designate pay-parking along streets, ex: Makati & Greenhills;

20. Commercial establishments cannot use parts of sidewalk for parking, ex: Morato, Timog & Maginhawa of QC;

21. Bus stops relocated 100 meters from malls & train terminals to avoid congestion;

22. Grab & Uber to be given incentives for carpool schemes.

Nevertheless, the MMDA is now stricter in terms of illegal parking and in its anti-colorum campaign. In fact, Chairman Carlos has just announce support to the proposed emergency powers to President-elect Rodrigo Duterte to immediately provide a solution to the worsening traffic in Metro Manila immediately after his oath-taking this Thursday, June 30. .

But for the meantime, we urged netizens to be cautious in sharing information especially on Facebook. Sad to say, many of them believe and share information without even searching first at Google, or identifying its original source. If you are only using free data and you are not sure if it is real or fake, the best thing you can do is to ignore them. In short, think before you click! 🙂