Beware: Pranksters Throw Rock at Car Window at C5, Child Inside Nearly Hurt (Video)

Window tint crack rock C5

Credit: Kimberly Tan-Evangelista Facebook

We have heard so many sad stories of pranksters throwing rocks on car windows, and have caused injuries to innocent victims. But in this particular incident, the car has tinted windows and therefore, the people inside the vehicle were not hurt. However, the car owner could not help but be worried because her child was with them.

According to a Facebook post by Kimberly Tan-Evangelista, the untoward incident happened last Monday, July 20, between 8 and 9 pm. She said they were then driving under the C5, south bound turning right to service road, after Heritage Park, in Taguig City. Her 2-year old daughter was sitting at the back, exactly where the window was hit by the rock.

Thanks to the tinted car window, the glass did not shatter although it was totally broken. Kimberly said if the rock went through the car, she could not imagine what could have happened to her baby girl. The child’s babysitter (yaya), who was driving the car, said she did not notice when the rock came from.

Tan-Evangelista said her friend had the same experience last week, also along C5 road. Here is the sad part; they reported the incident to the police but they were told that this activity seems to be uncontrollable. The throwing of rocks to car windows were stopped when police are visible in that area, but became rampant again when the authorities are not around.

Window tint crack C5 FB

Credit: Kimberly Tan-Evangelista Facebook

Her Facebook post received hundreds of comments, with many of them saying that they encountered the same incident along C5. In a recent interview by GMA News aired at Unang Hirit this Thursday, Taguig Police Chief Sr. Superintendent Art Asis said he will again deploy personnel in the said area, when he learned about the complaints.

As you can see, the tinted car window is a major factor why the rock did not the enter the vehicle. As many car owners are not aware, car window tint does not only protect you from UV rays and less temperature inside your vehicle, it is also adds privacy and serves as protection in cases like the story we featured here.

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