Beware: Man Uses Child to Steal Bag of Customer Inside Fast Food Chain (Video)

Man uses child to steal purse fast food

As adults, we should be the one to set a good example to the younger generation. But apparently, the man on the CCTV video below is doing exactly the opposite. As you can see, he even used a child to steal the bag of a customer inside a fast food chain. Watch how he gave instructions to the innocent child to his evil work.

Based on the CCTV, the incident took place on June 6, 2015, but the video was uploaded on YouTube by a certain Fernan Nuguid this Wednesday, July 15. The video was titled “Huli Kang Hinayupak Ka” (Caught You, Animal). The incident was said to have happened inside Chowking Dinalupihan in Bataan, but we’re not really sure.

But anyway, observe closely the actions of the man with a child. You can hardly see their faces as they were positioned far from the CCTV camera. Nevertheless, you can say that the little girl is probably the daughter or granddaughter of the suspect. You will notice that both of them wear decent clothes, far from being thieves.

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The man can be seen roaming inside the fast food chain, probably observing the movement of people. Meanwhile, the assigned security guard seems to be eating on a table, far from the entrance door. Later, the man-child tandem sat at the opposite of a group of women enjoying their food. At one point, the little girl even ran away but the man called her.

At around 1:45 on the video, the man seems to be giving instructions to the little girl but she is somehow busy playing. Shortly, the man extended the child so she can reach for the bag of the unsuspecting victim. He immediately carried the child and left the store. In less than a minute, the woman noticed that her bag was lost.

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Sad to say, this kind of incident is not new in fast food chains everywhere. But what is so alarming is that the man used an innocent child, who can also be considered as a victim and not part of the crime. We don’t know any update on this particular modus operandi, but we hope that the culprit will be caught soon and will be punished accordingly.

And although CCTV cameras in streets and establishments are a big help to solve crimes like this, this is not really the main solution. The solution is within all of us. We should all be alert wherever we are. As the authorities and posts inside public places are always telling the public – Never leave your things unattended.

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