Beware: Globe SIM-Swap Scam Victim Almost Lost P48,000 (Video)

Globe SIM Swap Scam

A Globe subscriber almost lost P48,000 after he became a victim of a new scam, involving the so-called SIM-swap process. This is after the scammer has stolen his personal information, contact number, and online banking account details. Luckily, he was able to recover his money before transfer transaction was completed.

In an interview by ABS-CBN, Ian Caballero said his Globe signal recently went off, and was advised to get a replacement SIM. But when he called the telecom provider, he was told that he has just requested a new one. And because he was sure that he did not make the request, he asked Globe to block the new SIM.

But according to Caballero, his 3 Gmail accounts were blocked, along with his Facebook account via his iPhone. When he used his alternative email, he learned that there was a pending money transfer amounting to P48,000 from his BDO online account to a Security Bank account, which he does not own.

Mr. Caballero used his Globe cellphone to recover his accounts, but to no avail. He learned that the SIM Swap request was made at the Globe Business Center in SM North Edsa, so he went there immediately. He was told that the scammer mentioned his name, saying that he was authorized by the victim to request for a new SIM.

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Luckily, the transaction requires a clearance so the victim was able to recover his money from BDO. But still, Caballero said he thinks the problem started when the scammer hacked his Globe mobile number so he can request a new one. Then, using the new SIM, the culprit can now access his online accounts and change their passwords.

After reporting the incident to PNP-Cybercrime Division, he was told that the scam is new one. This is also what Globe telecom chief information security officer Anton Bonifacio said in an interview by DZMM. Nevertheless, he said that the SIM Swap process is the last part of the scam, primarily because of the necessary documents required.

But still, Mr. Bonifacio said that Globe will review the SIM Swap process to make sure that the scam will not happen again. He added that they also have a copy of the CCTV video from their business center where the identity of the scammer can be revealed, and that they will show it to Caballero and to the authorities as well.

Meanwhile, Ian Caballero posted some reminders to all post-paid Globe subscribers on his Facebook post. He strongly suggest not to use SMS or mobile as a recovery option for all online accounts. Instead, use a separate email address only for this purpose. He also suggest that Globe should call the actual user in case there is a request for SIM replacement.

And just like the advice of Internet experts, we are reminding all Facebook users to use the privacy settings of their account. Also use very strong passwords, and if possible, change them once a week. Also be aware of your surroundings when logging in your online bank account in a public Wi-Fi zone. Better safe than sorry.

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