Ayra Dela Cruz Francisco, Mother of Baby Tied Like a Dog Apologizes, DSWD Rescues Baby

Baby tied like a dog rescued by DSWD

Ayra dela Cruz Francisco finally admits this Tuesday, May 26, 2015 that she is the mother of the baby tied like a dog. She also admitted her mistake and regrets what she has done to her baby. This comes a day after the photo of her baby tied with leash on his neck went viral on Facebook, and received tons of criticisms.

“Please lang. Ayoko ng gulo. Pag nakulong ako kau ba mag aalaga sa baby ko? Anong gusto nyo? Magpakamatay ako? Nagsisisi nako. Nagkamali lang ng isang beses .. Hindi un sapat na rason para husgahan nyo nakot paratangan na wala akong karapatang maging isang ina.” Ayra wrote on Facebook.

(Please. I don’t want any trouble. Who will take care of my baby if I will be sent to prison? What do you like me to do? Do you want me to commit suicide? I regret what I have done (to my baby). I only made one mistake….It’s not a valid reason for to judge me, and accuse me that I have no right to be a mother.)

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Baby tied like a dog mother Ayra Dela Cruz Francisco sorry

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On a separate message, Ayra is begging netizens who created Facebook pages using her name to stop. She said that the multiple Facebook accounts are only adding anger of the public to her. But despite of the truckload of negative comments she is receiving, there are a few people who said she deserves a second chance. However, it is not clear if that Facebook page is being managed by the real Ayra dela Cruz Francisco.

Earlier, we at TN did some research on this issue. We discovered five Facebook accounts using the name of Ayra Dela Cruz Francisco. Most of them were created today, and contains a copy of the viral baby photo. We also found a supposed Facebook page of Ayra, and apparently defending her actions towards her baby.

And because the photo went viral, it was reported on TV Patrol. In an interview, Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD) Secretary Dinky Soliman said her agency will immediately conduct a thorough investigation, and will search for the location of the baby to rescue him, and also to arrest Ayra as well.

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Later this evening, TV Patrol reported that DSWD social workers have already rescued the baby from her mother. Both of them were found in Orani, Bataan. Ayra was said to be 23 years old, while her baby boy is 1 year and 5 months old. When the photo was taken and uploaded on Facebook, the father of the baby is at work.

At first, the mother did not allow the social workers to take her baby away from her. She said that she did is only for fun, considering that their place has many pets and animals. The baby boy will undergo a medical examination, while both of them will undergo psychological assessment. Ayra will also undergo counseling.

Meanwhile, Justice Secretary Leila De Lima said that the mother could possibly be charged under RA 7610 (Anti-Child Abuse Law). If the photo will be proven authentic, Ayra may be jailed from 1 to 12 years.



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