Award-Winning Journalist Raissa Robles Apologizes to Kitty Duterte Over Pro-Duterte Rally on Nov 30

Veteran and award-winning journalist Raissa Robles apologized to Veronica ‘Kitty’ Duterte, President Rodrigo Duterte’s youngest daughter. This is after she thought that Kitty was promoting a rally for President Duterte this coming Wednesday, November 30. Dubbed as ‘Red Shirt Day,’ the said pro-Duterte rally is titled, ‘Defend the Republic, Isulong ang Pagbabago.’

“It intrigued me because the call to join the counter-rally came from no less than Veronica “Kitty” Duterte, the youngest daughter of President Duterte. Kitty posted on her Facebook public page – “Makakapunta po ba kayo dito? (Can you come to the rally?).” Raissa Robles posted on her official Facebook page this Monday, November 28.

“From what I recall of my history, no other minor child of a Philippine president since 1946 was ever this politically involved after the parent’s assumption to the presidency.” The veteran journalist added. She also wrote a related blog post titled, ‘President’s Daughter, Kitty Duterte, Drums up Support for November 30 counter-rally by Duterte Supporters.’

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But around 7 hours later, Raissa Robles updated her wall, saying sorry to Kitty Duterte. It turned that she did not check first the About page of the said Kitty Duterte Facebook page before she questioned the president’s daughter. Had the award-winning journalist done it, she should have known that the said Facebook page is not owned by Kitty Duterte.


This is NOT the official Facebook page of Kitty Duterte. I created this page to filter out (and publish) the large number of news/information that matters to the public, especially to the people of people of the Philippines.” A statement reads on the About page of Kitty Veron Duterte Official Facebook account, which means it is only a Kitty Duterte fan page.

Born April 10, 2004, Kitty Duterte is only 12 years old as of posting. She has an official Facebook page, someone else manages it for her. Meanwhile, the pro-Duterte rally will be held at Nagtahan, Manila, and assembly time is 8 am. On the other hand, another anti-Marcos burial protest will be held on the same day, this time at the People Power Monument.



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