Australian Falls into Hole as NAIA Terminal 2 Floor Collapses

Australian falls hole floor NAIA Terrminal 2

An Australian traveler fell through a hole on the floor of the Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA) Terminal 2 last month, but it is recently that the media learned about it. This was confirmed by Manila International Airport Authority spokesperson David de Castro, the incident reported stated that the foreigner was not hurt badly.

According to a GMA-7’s ’24 Oras’ news report this Tuesday, August 16, the Australian foreigner is Harry William Hansen, who arrived at NAIA Terminal 2 from Hong Kong last July 25, the day the incident happened. He was reportedly offered medical assistance but he declined because he was in a hurry so he can catch up with the flight back to Australia.

“He said everything was okay with him. We offered assistance for medical attention, but then he said, and I quote, ‘He is okay,’ and immediately went upstairs,” De Castro told GMA reporter Susan Enriquez. This is the same statement by a NAIA worker, who witnessed the incident. The collapsed floor has around 2-feet deep hole, the reported added.

The MIAA spokesperson added that the damaged area used to be a pocket garden and is a part of the transit lounge. Right after the incident, the floor was fixed by putting soil to cover the hole, and was refitted with new set of marble tiles. Meanwhile, NAIA Terminal 2 manager Rico Gonzalez said that the contractor apparently did not anticipate the problem.

“Instead of filling up that hole with soil to ensure that it is compact, the contractor apparently just covered it up with wooden trusses before covering it up with marble tiles. This time we made sure that the contractor really fills it up so nobody falls through.” Gonzalez told the Philippine Daily Inquirer, adding that the said area is not really part of the passenger pathway.

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