Ateneo Blue Eagles Player John Apacible is the Drunk ‘Councilor’ Driver in Viral Video

Ateneo Blue Eagle John Apacible

Credit: John Apacible Facebook

The identity of the drunk driver with plate number ACA 7111 who was caught on video in traffic altercation but was not arrested by police has been revealed. But contrary to his claim that he is a councilor, the stubborn driver is none other than Ateneo Blue Eagles player John Apacible. In fact, Ateneo de Manila University released their statement, as well as the Blue Eagle team management.

“It has come to our attention that John Apacible, a member of the Ateneo Blue Eagles, behaved in an unacceptable manner during an early Sunday morning encounter. John deeply regrets his reprehensible behavior and sincerely apologizes to all parties concerned.” Ateneo’s University Athletics Office Director Emmanuel T. Fernandez wrote on the memo.

“Rest assured that the Blue Eagles Team Management as well as the Loyola Schools will deal with this regrettable incident appropriately and swiftly.” Fernandez added. The said memo is dated Monday, October 19, 2015 and was posted at Ateneo de Manila University’s official Facebook page also that day. John Apacible last updated his Facebook in December 2014.

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Ateneo University letter John Apacible

Credit: Ateneo de Manila University Facebook

According to, John Apacible is 19 years old, stands 6’3”, and is in his second season with the Ateneo Blue Eagles. He plays forward for the UAAP (University Athletic Association of the Philippines), and was even dubbed as Mr. Perfect at end of the first round of UAAP Season 78 eliminations after hitting 11 out of 11 in his field goal attempts in six games.

Meanwhile, Blue Eagle Team Manager Epok Quimpo also released a statement on this issue. In his text message to The Guidon Sports, a news website for Ateneo sports, John Apacible will be facing game suspensions and will not be allowed to practice. He added that Apacible has already apologized to the whole team including the coaching staff and management.

Ateneo Blue Eagle John Apacible suspension

Credit: The Guidon Sports Facebook

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The viral video, which was uploaded on Facebook by a certain Yan Bote last Sunday, October 18, clearly shows the face of John Apacible. Apparently, the Blue Eagle player was into a traffic altercation along Timog Avenue in Quezon City at around midnight and obviously drunk. At one point, the arrogant driver claims he is a councilor and even showed a ‘Councilor’ plate.

Two policemen are also present on the scene, and trying to pacify Apacible. However, they seem to be not being able to control the drunk UAAP player. Aside from cursing and inviting the man behind the camera, John also invited him for a fistfight. But instead of arresting the drunk driver, they allowed him to leave and drive his car, noting that he has a companion.

And because the drunk driver has been identified as a basketball varsity player, so where did he get the ‘councilor’ plate that he is so proud of? According to Top Gear Philippines, they received a tip saying that the father of John Apacible’s girlfriend is a councilor. His identity is not yet known as of posting, but we hope he will release a statement and explain his side. And if this true, We think he should tell his daughter to find another man. She doesn’t deserve him.

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We are also hoping the two kind police officers will surrender their badges and be investigated. We cannot imagine taxpayers paying for your salary but allowing drunk drivers to let go. For Ateneo de Manila University, we think game suspension is not enough. It’s like saying that your other players can also drink and drive, and then giving them some rest days. You can do better, don’t you?

And to John Apacible, be man enough to personally apologize to all the people you hurt. But more than that, you know you clearly violated the law. If you can be so arrogant flashing a ‘councilor’ plate and using other’s influence, you should not be in a basketball court being idolized. Instead, you should face a trial court and do some soul searching inside the jail. You need it.

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