Anti-Duterte Protesters Argue Over Money Transfer, Member Denies Receving Salary From Rally Funds

Two members of a group protesting against President Rodrigo Duterte recently argued over money transfer. However, another member categorically denied that they are receiving money from the funds. This is after a certain Kenzo Jakosalem accused a certain Maanne Adorna of not releasing budget for a rally. Read public posts on Facebook walls below.

“Maanne Adorna, ibigay mo na yung lahat ng TFOD Funds, parang awa mo na. Hindi na ikaw ang treasurer ng TFOD.” Kenzo Jakosalem wrote on his Facebook wall, adding that they need money for food, water and banners to be used in an upcoming rally. He noted that it is not hard to deposit money to the bank, and begged her even if she cursed at him.

As a response, Adorna also wrote a public post on her Facebook wall, saying that she will not give the money to Kenzo Jakosalem, unless she has personally seen the money will be transferred. “Hindi ko ibibigay ang hinihingi mo ng hindi ko personal na nakikita ang pagsasalinan ko ng mga bagay na pinagkatiwala sa akin ng ibang tao.” She said.

Shortly, many of her fellow members commented on her post, suggesting that she and Kenzo should take about the issue privately or via private messages. Some of them urged that such things should not be discussed in public, because their group might be thought of not being united and fighting over money. Both posts were taken down, hours later.

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Meanwhile, a certain April Azi published a public post at Adorna’s Facebook wall, calling their fellow members not to believe any accusation against the latter. According to her, she knows Adorna personally as a friend, emphasizing that no group member is receiving salary whatsoever, and that they voluntarily joined the group to fight for their advocacy.

“Calling all the attention of Digital Team Members not to believe in any story thrown to Maanne Adorna, let us support her. Alam nating lahat na walang sahod ang isa sa atin dito at lahat tayo ay naglalabas ng kusa tapos yung sirain at ipahiya ang isang kagaya natin ay wag po natin paniwalaan.” Ms. Azi wrote on her post, which is still active as of posting.

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But while none of them mentioned being a supporter of Liberal Party (LP) or being an anti-Duterte protester, Maanne Adorna’s previous profile photo shows her with Senator Leila de Lima, a huge critic of President Duterte. The deleted post also showed comments supporting Sen. De Lima and the upcoming rally against the Duterte administration.



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