Americans Play Food Taste Challenge: Filipino Food or Not (Video)

A set of Americans went into a food taste challenge, where they should guess as to whether the food they tasted is Filipino food or not. The exciting video was created by BuzzFeed, the same site that earlier featured Filipino street foods, language, jokes, culture, etc. And yes, you’ll love what Americans say about our food.

To start with, some of the Americans on the video said they have no idea about Filipinos. One of them said he is a Filipino but he cannot speak Tagalog. On the other hand, some of them said they have tasted once before. One of them said, “Any food that’s in the shape of a ball, probably Filipino.” And yes, he’s right!

The first food they tasted was sweet corn-flavored balls. So far, only of them said she thinks it’s not a Filipino food, and obviously she was wrong. The second food was Tostones, or fried plaintain slices. Many of the participants think it’s a Filipino food, but it’s not. Although it may look like “maruya,” this food comes from South America.

The third food is “Arroz Caldo,” one of the favorite breakfast meals and meriendas of Filipinos. This rice porridge is sometimes mixed with chicken or egg, toasted garlic, ginger, and onions. A woman on the video even described the food as gingery. Unfortunately, none of the Americans made the right guess.

The fourth food offered to them was “Lumpia.” There are actually two kinds of lumpia – one is the fried lumpia which usually has meat inside, and the other one (served here) is “lumpyang sariwa” (fresh lumpia). Instead of meat, it has vegetables in it, and accompanied by a sauce. So far, only one participant made the wrong guess.

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The fifth food was Tandoori Chicken, a roasted chicken marinated in yogurt and fragrant spices. Although the Americans said it tastes good, all of them think that it’s not a Filipino food, and they were right. This spicy menu came from India. But for the record, there are some spicy Filipino foods, especially from Bicol.

The sixth and last food the Americans tasted was “Bibingkang Galapong.” A woman loved it so much, and said she does not need a boyfriend as along she has this food. This is probably the best comment so far. In the end, all of them said they think “bibingka” is a Filipino food, and obviously they are correct.

On the last part, you can hear praises and positive comments from these Americans when it comes to Filipino food. This video might be short, but it is long enough to remind us that we should be proud to be Pinoy. We may be fed up with the controversies in our government, but our food is one of the best in the world.



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