Alonzo: 8-Year-Old DJ from the Philippines Goes Viral After His First Gig

Alonzo 8 year old DJ Philippines

Credit: Magic Liwanag

Meet Alonzo, the 8-year-old DJ from Manila, Philippines who went viral after his story was posted on Reddit, which now has more than 2.6 million views, and later on Huffington Post and many others. This is after the Pinoy kid DJ brought the house down during his parents’ wedding on Saturday, February 21.

“My 6 year old cousin was the DJ at his mom’s wedding the other night. I would say this majestic shot summed up his night.” Reddit user PokemonMasterZo wrote, along with the photo of Alonzo showing his DJ skills. (Note: Huffington Post reported that Alonzo is already 8 years old, not six.)

According to Huffington Post, Alonzo’s father is a concert producer and promoter which made him a music lover and likes to perform as a DJ. During the reception, Alonzo (aka DJ ZO) was introduced to the visitors as a “special guest” performer. There were no further details as to where the party was held.

Nevertheless, Alonzo reportedly played LMFAO’s “Party Rock Anthem” and “Everything is Awesome” from the recent LEGO Movie. And indeed, his DJ act pleased everyone despite his very young age. A family friend earlier taught Alonzo about the basics of being a DJ and the rest was all his talent.

“He absolutely loved it! There was so much energy — it really felt like a concert and he definitely got the crowd going. It’s something he’s been wanting to do and we’re just really happy that he was able to do it. He made the wedding extra special.” Czarina Crisologo, Alonzo’s mother told HuffPost Weddings.

“Alonzo is just a whole lot of fun. I see him and I’m reminded how I was when I was a kid. Full of life and happiness.” Magic Liwanag, a photographer and a family friend said. The cousin of Alonzo who posted the photo on Reddit this Monday was not able to attend the wedding.

True enough, this young talented Filipino DJ is starting to make a name of his own. How about you? What were your doing when you were at his age? 🙂

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