Alleged Rude GrabCar Driver Who Introduced Himself as Policeman With a Gun Now Suspended

GrabCar rude driver Regino Silagan Taacon YR 0797

A transport network vehicle service driver has been suspended after a female passenger complained that he was rude over her fare change. The GrabCar driver was identified as Regino Silagan Taacon Jr, who allegedly introduced himself as a policeman and told his passenger that he has a gun. Below is her Facebook post and official statement from Grab Philippines.

According to a Facebook post of a certain Angel Ramos, she rode a GrabCar going to Makati this Friday, July 29. She said told the driver to cancel the trip because she forgot something, but changed her mind after noticing that the driver got upset. So when she was already near her destination, she asked the driver if he has a change for P1,000.

Ramos, who lives in Quezon City, said that the driver somehow scolded her for not bringing the exact fare of P224. But she explained that that was she earlier said she forgot, the Grab driver raised his voice at her. She said he told her again that she should bring the exact fare, and shouted at her, telling her that she rode a GrabCar, not a taxi cab.

Angel said she tried to explain her side again, the rude Grab driver allegedly shouted at her again, telling her to shut up. She noted that Taacon told her that he is a policeman, that he has a high education, and that he has a gun with him. The female passenger also claimed that at some point, the driver cursed at him and other hurting words that degraded her.

GrabCar rude driver Angel Ramos complaint

And because of fear, for her life, Ramos said she decided to got off the car even if she has not yet reached her destination and the rain is very heavy. On the last part of her post, she mentioned the GrabCab’s plate number as YR 0797, and included a photo of Regino Silagan Taacon Jr,. Hours later, Grab Philippines said they have already suspended him.

GrabCar rude driver Regino Silagan Taacon suspended

“Grab PH would like to inform everyone that we have reached out to both the passenger and the driver involved in the incident dated July 30, 2016 where the driver allegedly abused the passenger verbally. The driver has been suspended and is prohibited to drive while the team is conducting the investigation.” Grab Ph wrote on their Facebook page.

“We do not tolerate any behavior that threatens the safety and well-being of our passengers and drivers and this incident is not an exception. We will continue to update our page with further developments.” The transport network vehicle service added, with Angel Ramos later updating her Facebook and thanked Grab Philippines for their fast action.