AlDub September 12 Episode Posts New Twitter Record, 6.35M Tweets in 24 Hours (Video)

Eat Bulaga September 12 Aldub Abduction

Good news to AlDub Nation members! The episode last Saturday, September 12, 2015 created a new Twitter record, with a whooping 6.35 million tweets in just 24 hours. That day, AlDub fans used the hashtag #ALDUBTheAbduction in line with the abduction of Alden Richards and Yaya Dub (Maine Mendoza in real life). Below is the video of the entire episode.

Last Friday, Alden Richards was abducted by the same men who took Yaya Dub. According to the police, among the suspects include Duhrizz (grand daughter of Lola Nidora), Isadora (impostor mother of Yaya Dub), Frankie Arinoli, Don Franing, the Rogelios, Tinidora, Tidora, and Lola Nidora. But this Saturday, it was revealed that Duhrizz was the mastermind.

For the recap of the September 12 episode, the van carrying the blindfolded Alden arrived on a parking lot. Duhrizz (played by Wally Bayola) revealed that she hates Alden because he likes Yaya Dub. It appears that she is envious of Yaya Dub because Lola Nidora loves her. In short, Duhrizz thinks that nobody loves her and everyone is focused on Yaya Dub.

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Shortly, the van carrying the blindfolded Yaya Dub arrived on the same parking lot. To the delight of the televiewers, the two vehicles were parked beside each other. Duhrizz confronted Yaya Dub, and told her that she is very angry at her. She also asked her to sit beside the window, just around 2 meters away before Alden is sitting.

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Duhrizz removed the blindfold of Alden and Yaya Dub, and AlDub saw each other for the second time since the AlDub fever was born. The first one was the September 5 episode, where the couple competed against each other on Eat Bulaga. That time, they broke their promise to Lola Nidora that they will not to see each other, and a plywood blocked them.

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To add excitement, Duhrizz let Alden and Yaya Dub get down from their vehicles blindfolded. The couple accidentally bumped into each other. Duhrizz also allowed them to drink on the same coffee drink using the same straw. Finally, Alden was returned to his van and left, while Yaya Dub stayed until Tidora and Tinidora arrived to rescue her.

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Eat Bulaga September 12, 2015 AlDub full episode

But while the entire episode was full of ‘kilig’ moments, a good lesson in life reminded everyone – Envy is not good, and it will never bring happiness. And once again, Wally Bayola proved to be a versatile actor. He was great in portraying a female villain, and really deserves an acting award. But the question now is, what happened to Lola Nidora?

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AlDubAbduction Twitter

By the way, the new record of AlDub hashtag has beaten its previous record of 5.8 million tweets using the hashtag #ALDUBBattleForACause last September 5. Last Friday, the hashtag ##AlDubKoTo was tweeted more than a million times, just hours after the release of the first AlDub commercial for McDonald’s.

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