AlDub Philippine Arena ‘Sa Tamang Panahon’ Event Mocked by Bitter Fan

AlDub Philippine Arena Ang Tamang Panahon

Finally, Lola Nidora (played by Wally Bayola) announced on Saturday, October 17 the so-called ‘Sa Tamang Panahon’ for AlDub Nation. According to her, the most-awaited event will be held on Saturday, October 24, 2015 at the Philippine Arena. But although thousands of AlDub fans were excited, a bitter fan allegedly mocked the event on Facebook. Read screenshot below.

According to the unidentified netizen who claims to be a Kapuso fan, he (or she) is requesting his (or her) fellow GMA-7 followers to buy AlDub tickets, at least the P150 (cheapest). The bitter fan also does not believe in the charity work of Eat Bulaga, particularly the Lola Nidora’s announcement that 100% of the ticket sales will be used to build school libraries.

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AlDub Philippine Arena hate comments

The bitter fan seems to be not happy with the success of the phenomenal love team of Alden Richards and Maine Mendoza, aka Yaya Dub. Their magical moment started on July 16, 2015 when the snobbish Yaya Dub saw Alden Richards for the first time on split-screen. They saw each other face-to-face on September 5 and has broken Twitter records and TV ratings of Pacquiao fights. The rest is history.

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We are still trying to check the authenticity and original source of this hate comment, as well as the the poster’s identity. Meanwhile, tickets for this Aldub ‘Sa Tamang Panahon’ event are almost sold out and are breaking records. According to TicketWorld Manila, the ticket sales for the said event broke records on the first day. On the other hand, Philippine Arena made its own announcement.

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“As of 8:30PM, Ticketworld sold 30,000+++ tickets and counting! Website experiencing high traffic. Please be patient mga Dabarkads!!!…Expecting before Monday the 19th of October Tickets will be SOLD OUT!…We are currently experiencing high volumes of traffic on our site.” A statement reads on Philippine Arena’s official Facebook page this Saturday night.

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The ticket prices for this AlDub ‘Sa Tamang Panahon’ fans party cost P150 (Zone 4), P350 (Zone 3), P600 (Zone 2), and P1,200 (Zone 1). Each ticket buyer can buy a maximum of 5 tickets, and only 7 years old and above are allowed to watch. The fun starts at 10 am, and the 55,000-seating capacity of the Iglesia ni Cristo’s Philippine Arena is expected to be filled in.

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AlDub Ang Tamang Panahon October 24 2015

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One hour after the announcement, the P1,200-tickets were already sold out and temporarily went down due to high volume of traffic. Tickets can also be bought at TicketWorld outlets: National Bookstore, Robinson Department Store, Ayala Malls, Eastwood Malls and Resorts World Manila. Some other tickets are still available as of posting.

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