Alden Richards Comments on 2010 Maine Mendoza Candy Fair Photo With Him

Alden Maine Mendoza 2010

Yes, Aldub fans, Alden Richards has finally commented on the alleged photo of him and Maine Mendoza (aka Yaya Dub) back in 2010 via a Candy Fair event. The rumor started when an alleged blurred photo of them together in the said went viral in mid August. Fans became curious, but it is only recently that Alden has talked about it.

Last August 17, Twitter user retweeted a tweet of Maine Mendoza (@mainedcm) dated October 2, 2010 saying.” Ang papangit ng pictures….Ang lalabo.” (The pictures are ugly…They are blurred.) Mendoza attached a picture of her and a young man with his arms on her shoulder. However, the face of the young man can hardly be recognized.

The next day, Candy Magazine confirmed that Alden attended the said event in 2010. That time, he was not yet a Kapuso star and still using his real name, Richard Faulkerson. The then-aspring actor was among the Candy Cuties and was at the event to interact with Candy Girls. By doing simple math, Alden was only 17 that time and Maine is around 14.

Fast forward July 2015, Maine Mendoza became a part of Eat Bulaga as Yaya Dub, the snobbish maid of Lola Nidora (played by Wally Bayola). But on July 16, Yaya Dub smiled for the first time after realizing that Alden (who was a co-host of Eat Bulaga) was watching her on screen. The smile was so genuine, which eventually started the phenomenal AlDub fever.

In the past interviews (including that in the recent Kapuso Mo, Jessica Soho episode), Alden keeps on saying he and Maine Mendoza have never seen each other. He added that they even don’t know each other’s cellphone number and that they have not talked privately on social media. He said this adds excitement to both of them, as well as to their fans.

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When asked Alden Richards about the 2010 Candy Fair photo of Maine Mendoza with a young man, he replied, “Yes, dun ako nagulat! (Yes, I was surprised with that one), confirming that he indeed was part of that event. However, he probably could not remember that moment when the photo was taken, and most likely, Maine didn’t introduce herself.

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Alden Maine Mendoza Candy Fair 2010

If you are a solid AlDub fan, you’ll notice that Alden now mentions Maine’s name on his fan sign, instead of Yaya Dub. In fact, Maine is now being teased by her companions in the ‘Problem Solving’ segment especially Lola Nidora. This Tuesday, September 1, a new character, Isadora is expected to be introduced as the mother of Yaya Dub in the Kalyeserye.

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