Aiza Seguerra Speaks on Mayor Rody Duterte Calling Mar Roxas ‘Bayot’


Singer Aiza Seguerra expressed his opinion on the latest word war between presidential candidates, Davao City Mayor Rodrigo ‘Rody’ Duterte and former DILG Secretary Mar Roxas. The ‘Pagdating ng Panahon’ singer defended Duterte for calling Roxas a ‘bayot’, a Cebuano term for gay. Below is Aiza’s Instagram post about the issue.

This latest Duterte vs Roxas exchange of words started when the LP standard bearer questioned Davao City mayor’s promise to stop criminality in the entire Philippines in three to six months, if the latter will be elected president.In a recent interview with reporters in Oriental Mindoro, Roxas said that the promise of Duterte is impossible.

“Itong three to six months na ito, pambobola ito eh. Lahat ng eksperto na nakakaalam sa krimen, nagsasabing imposible ito,” Roxas said, noting that there should be concrete plan. As an example, he then cited Oplan Lambat Simbat, which was started when he still the Department of Interior and Local Government (DILG) secretary.

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“Si Mar, bayot. ‘Di niya kaya…Kaya ko kasi lalaki ako. Kundi ka lalaki, papano ‘yan. Takot kang pumatay, takot kang mamatay. Eh subukan mo ako.” Mayor Duterte told reporters as his response to Roxas’ comment. That same day, Roxas said that Duterte only knows name-calling when defending his promises and commenting on big issues.

Apparently, this is not the first time that Duterte called his critics ‘bayot’ for not believing that he can ends crimes, drugs, and corruption in 6 months if he will be the next president. Aiza said he used to be offended when he hears someone being called a bayot. However, he shared a story that made her realize what it really means.

According to Seguerra, who married Liza Diño in 2014, his mother explained to him that calling a man ‘bayot’ simply means he does not enough courage to get things done, or has no enough guts to do his responsibilites. He also suggest that the LGBT community should not be too defensive, and understand the real context of the word.

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My take on the "bayot" issue.

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