Agriculture Secretary Manny Pinol Refuses to Receive Christmas Gift, Rolex Watch Worth P450,000

Agriculture Secretary Manny Piñol refused to receive Christmas gift, which many of us cannot resist – a Rolex watch worth P450,000! And although he admitted that we really wanted to have such expensive gift, Sec. Pinol said that being a cabinet member of President Rodrigo Duterte, he said he returned the watch because it is against the law.

“I explained that I could not take the gift because not only because the company is involved in activities which would require the supervision of the Department which I head but also because the law prohibits officials like me from accepting expensive gifts.” Sec. Manny Pinol wrote on his official Facebook page this Wednesday, December 7.

“I added that I could go to jail if I was found to have kept the watch or accepted expensive gifts from people with interests in the Dept. of Agriculture.Maybe, if it came from one of my brothers or my children, I would have gladly kept the gift.” He added, attaching a photo of him holding the luxurious watch, which was given to him by someone he did not identify.

According to Sec. Piñol, he recently received a small box of gift during a dinner organized by top officials of a very large agricultural company. He said he did not immediately give much attention to it because he assumed it was part of the tradition of exchange of presents during formal meeting, and that it took some days before he opened the box.

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Credit: Manny Piñol Facebook

The Agriculture secretary noted that he almost fell off his seat when he saw the Rolex submariner watch. Out of curiosity, he checked it on the Internet and found out that such watch costs around P450,000. He admitted that he owns an old model the Rolex Oyster Perpetual given to him by his late friend, Bening Urquico before he entered politics in 1995.

We at Taho News salute you, Sir! Please continue being a good example to the Filipino people!



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