ABS-CBN News Misleading Headline on SWS Survey on Increase of Drug Addicts, Unsafe Streets?

ABS-CBN News is being accused of bias reporting against President Rodrigo Duterte. And although the accusations may be subjective, here is one particular news report from the Kapamilya network that some people think has a misleading headline. This report is about the ‘latest’ SWS survey about the opinion of Filipinos on safety at home and in the streets.

As you can see, the screaming headline reads, “Fear of Burglary, Unsafe Streets, Drug Addicts Rise:Survey.” According to this report, an SWS survey was released this Monday, October 3, stating that Filipinos over a two-month period are more afraid because of the supposed increase of drug addicts, and that they might be victims of robbery in the streets.

“Fear of drug addicts rose to a record 62 percent in June from 55 percent in April. Fear of robbery rose 12 points to 64 percent while fear of unsafe streets rose 11 points to 53 percent during the same period.” ABS-CBN News reported this Tuesday, October 4, quoting the statement of SWS Survey, and provide a link to the homepage to SWS.org.ph.

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Screenshot Credit: www.news.abs-cbn.com

“The survey showed 11.4 percent reported that a family member was a victim of any crime in the last six months, up from 9.6 percent. The number of those who reported being victims of property crimes rose to 10.9 percent from 8.7 percent. The survey covered 1,200 adults from June 24 to 27, three days before President Rodrigo Duterte took office.” It added.

But to be fair with ABS-CBN News, the same report noted SWS did not mention why the survey was released only this October, where in fact, the survey was conducted three months earlier. However, as stated at Mocha Uson Blog Facebook page, the news headline appeared to be misleading in a way that the period of survey was not mentioned.

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It is also noted that a lot of Filipinos use free data on Facebook, and therefore can only read headlines but not the entire content of the news report. In that case, many netizens will think that the strong campaign of President Duterte against illegal drugs is not effective. Apparently this is opposite to the recent data of the Philippine National Police (PNP).

As of posting, the ABS-CBN News report in question is still live on their website, but has been deleted on Facebook.

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