ABS-CBN Foundation Chairperson Gina Lopez Endorses Duterte for President

ABS-CBN Foundation chairperson Regina Paz L. Lopez is supporting presidentiable, Davao City Mayor Rody Duterte. Gina Lopez endorsed Duterte, as part of her advocacy to have a clean environment. Now called ABS-CBN Lingkod Kapamilya Foundation Inc (ALKFI), it is the non-profit socio-civic organization of the Kapamilya network.

Although there was no formal announcement from Gina Lopez, Ryan Pete Zamora who works at TADECO Inc. (Tagum Agricultural Development Company, Inc.) said he met her during the PMAP Summit on Clean Air and Climate Change, held at the Sofitel Philippines Plaza Manila this Tuesday, April 12, and Lopez was then one of the speakers.

Lopez, who is also a known environmentalist, presented a video on how to clean our air. Acccording to Zamora, she ended her presentation by telling the audience, “kelangan natin matapang, katulad ni Duterte”. (We need a tough [leader], just like Duterte), referring to the need to end corruption in the government once and for all.

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“Mindanao is so beautiful. Vote for Duterte.” Gina Lopez told Zamora when he approached her and introduced himself. He posted a photo of him with Lopez, and a screenshot photo of Mayor Duterte in the a video, as part of her presentation. Below is the fulll content of the Facebook post of Ryan Pete Zamora on Lopez endorsing Duterte.

ABS-CBN Gina Lopez endorse Duterte

Credit: Ryan Pete Zamora Facebook

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Regina Paz L. Lopez (ABS-CBN Managing Director, ABS-CBN Foundation, Inc.) is for Duterte.

I am here in Sofitel Philippines Plaza Manila for the PMAP Summit on Clean Air and Climate Change. One of the speakers. Ms. Gina Lopez, was presenting about the ‘Critical Role of Business to Clean Our Air…’. At the near end of her presentation was a video of Duterte saying, “Walang Pilipino na mai gusto sa mga ginagawa nila.” (on the wanton destruction of the environment by open pit mining).

Ms Gina was also often heard in her presentation about the need for our government to be strict in the implementation of our laws and where corruption is eradicated. That was when I have the gut feel that she is for Duterte. And true enough after her presentation she told the audience “kelangan natin matapang, katulad ni Duterte”. An the crowd responded with a thunderous applause!

After her presentation I approached her and told her where im from (TADECO of the Floirendos of Mindanao). Ans she said, “Mindanao is so beautiful. Vote for Duterte”.

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Gina Lopez is a daughter of the late Eugenio Lopez, Jr., or Geny Lopez, who is credited for the growth of the ABS-CBN empire. She is also the younger sister of Eugenio Lopez III (Gabby Lopez), the current chairman of ABS-CBN Corporation. Among the projects of ALKFI are Sagip Kapamilya, Bantay Bata, and Bantay Kalikasan.

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