Taho News is not your ordinary news site. Here, we choose the news about the Philippines that we think are only interesting to read. We deliver them in such a way that our readers will think deeper. In most cases, we include our personal opinions about the current issues, and with very strong emphasis.

We also publish open letters from our followers and real stories that we think can inspire our readers. But more importantly, we publish public safety warnings as part our commitment to help our fellow Filipinos. And yes, we include some foreign news that are somehow related to our daily lives.

In VERY VERY RARE CASES, we include satirical news. We are not doing this to fool, confuse or insult anyone. We believe that through satire, we are able to speak what many Filipinos want to say or happen. To add spice, some of them are partly true, while others are real but are written in an exaggerated manner.

We may sometimes use fake names of people and institutions in our satire news. Therefore, it is the responsibility of our readers to do a research before they believe and share them elsewhere. We believe in freedom of expression, as long as it does not destroy one’s character and reputation.

Nevertheless, we sincerely apologize if our satirical news might have offended certain personalities and their followers. It is not our intention to hurt anyone, but rather to offer fun and entertainment. In line with this, we accept constructive criticisms on comments. However, it is our right to moderate them.

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