A Father’s Day Story: Man Chooses Sick Daughter to Live Over His Wife of 6 Years

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This coming Father’s Day, all fathers will be honored. Here at TN, we decided to share a true story of a man who chose his daughter to live in exchange of his loving wife for six long years. This tear-jerking but inspiring story will remind us what fathers can sacrifice to show how much they love their children.

Meet Willie, who married Sonia in June 2006. The couple used to work in the same electronic assembly company in Sta. Rosa, Laguna. Willie was then a product engineer, while Sonia is in the Quality department. And because they see each other every day, Willie could not help but to fall in love with her.

Willie admits that Sonia is a smart woman and has a very strong character. At first; he feels intimidated and hesitated to court her. But because he truly loves her, Willie fought for his love and did everything just to please Sonia. He did not mind being teased by his fellow engineers, as he waits for her outside the company.

Sonia lives in a boarding house just outside the Laguna Technopark, the industrial park where she and Willie work. On the other hand, Willie drives a loaned car on his way home in San Pedro, Laguna. Despite being the only child in the family, he was not a spoiled brat and finished his BSECE course with flying colors.

On other hand, Sonia is the eldest child and has 5 siblings. Her parents are poor, but she managed to support herself until she finished a two-year computer course. She started working in the company as a product operator. But when there was an internal hiring for a QA inspector, she applied and passed.

At the age of 24, Willie had three past relationships but none of them were really that serious. But when he met Sonia, he felt that she is the one he wants to marry and to grow old with for the rest of his life. With Sonia needed to support her family, she never had a boyfriend and denied all her suitors. She was focus on her job.

For eight months, Willie patiently courted Sonia and proved his sincerity. In October 1997, she eventually said “Yes” to her persistent admirer. Willie tried to help Sonia in her financial problem but the latter did not take advantage of him. Instead, she borrowed money from him to help her brother start a small business.

Being strong woman that she is, Willie’s love for Sonia became deeper. For him, Sonia is the best example to be a perfect wife and mother to his children. He worked harder and saved money for their future. Willie respected Sonia in every way he can, and promised himself to be her husband in the near future.

Come 1998, Willie felt his salary can already support a family, he proposed marriage to Sonia, who immediately said, “Yes.” They planned a simple civil wedding, where only their relatives and close friends are invited. The couple believed that the money should rather be use the money to start in a small business.

After their wedding, Willie and Sonia rented a small apartment, and agreed to practice family planning. The couple believed that they have a small business before their child will arrive. For five years, they enjoyed themselves as they prepare to become parents. But of course, there were some petty quarrels in between.

On their sixth year, Sonia got pregnant, and the couple was very happy. Willie still allowed Sonia to work, as long as the doctor says it is safe for her. During her pregnancy, Sonia is in perfect health as well as her baby. She followed the doctor’s advice, and ate healthy foods. In short, everything seems to be perfectly normal.

The couple knew earlier that their child will be a baby girl. In fact they already gave her a name – Grace. Willie already bought baby girl clothes, crib, toys, and had read tons of books and online articles on how to be good father to his daughter. Sonia, on the other hand, has already prepared herself to become a mother.

On June 15, 2014, which fell on Father’s Day, Sonia felt that her much awaited day has come. And because it’s Sunday, Willie was at home and was able to rush Sonia to the hospital. Her 20-year old brother, who temporarily lives with them, also accompanied them that day. All their relatives were excited and happy.

Little did they know that it would be the saddest day of their lives, especially for Willie and Sonia. According to the doctor, Sonia suffered from Amniotic Fluid Embolism (AFE), a rare condition causing a tragic shutdown of all the organs of a mother while giving birth. As of now, medical experts cannot detect warning signs.

The doctors told Willie that Sonia may encounter a cardiac arrest if she continues to deliver the baby. In addition, the mother’s condition can affect the baby after she was born. Willie was told to immediately choose between his wife and baby. He doesn’t even have enough time to tell it to their parents and relatives.

Crying and screaming, Willie made the toughest decision in his life. He chose his daughter to live in exchange of the life of his wife for 6 years. His world shattered, and he almost gone crazy while asking God to give him strength for his decision. In less than 10 minutes, Sonia passed away and baby Grace was born.

Sonia’s parents and siblings got mad at him; but that was only his burden. The doctors told Willie that her daughter has cerebral palsy, as an effect on her mother’s condition. In short, she will need special attention, care and love. Willie knows this so he resigned from his job right after his wife was buried.

A brother of Sonia volunteered to stay with him permanently to help take care of baby Grace. Willie’s parent provided sufficient financial support, and also regularly visit their granddaughter. Everyday life was a challenge for Willie, who continues to mourn over the loss of the woman he truly loves.

Today, Willie is making some money from creating websites. With his job, he is always at home taking care of Grace. Although her 1st birthday was last Monday, he told TN that he will celebrate it tomorrow, Sunday, June 21, Father’s Day. He said he will always celebrate Grace’ birthday every Father’s Day.

We talked to him over the phone the other day, and he told us he has no plans to marry again. Instead, he will dedicate his life taking care of Grace. He also said he has no regrets letting go of Sonia, as he is sure she was very happy every moment they were together. He even thanked her for leaving with a gift he always dream of – their daughter.

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