5 Wonderful Things to Happen Once Kris Aquino Leaves the Philippines

Early this month, Kris Aquino announced that she will be leaving the Philippines next year. The presidential sister made the announcement on her TV show, Kris TV. The controversial actress-TV host did not reveal the exact date of her departure, but noted that she will bring her sons, Joshua and Bimby with her in the US.

According to Kris, she wants her son Bimby to experience living in America for one year such as waiting at the bus stop for his school bus. She also told Karla Estrada (who was her special guest that day) that she has made herself a well-rounded individual when they were living in Massachusetts during the Martial Law years.

Now, is this Kris Aquino leaving for the US a national issue? Will it ease the everyday suffering of Filipinos being stuck in heavy traffic in EDSA? Will there be more MNLF rebels to surrender their weapons? Maybe not; nevertheless, here are five wonderful things that will happen once Kris leaves the country.

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#1 There will be more job opportunities for other product endorsers

For so many years, Kris Aquino has been endorsing several brands of products, from shampoo to smartphones, you name it. But of course, it’s safe to say that these advertisers make good sales because of Kris’ commercials. Nobody can question of her influence as the Queen of all Media. However, there are also other models and celebrities who are just waiting to be discovered.Don’t they deserve equal opportunities?

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#2 There will be less rants and bashers at Instagram

With Kris Aquino having 1.8 million followers at Instagram, the entire social media reacts every time she sneezes. And because not everyone enjoys her rants, bashers from everywhere rush to her account. Just this week, she warned a basher who questioned her why Bimby was not accompanied by his father, James Yap during an event. If she will not be in country, there will be no issues like this. Everybody will be happy.

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#3 There will be better judges at Pilipinas Got Talent

With Ai-Ai delas Alas now a Kapuso and Kris leaving the country, Filipinos can expect a new set of judges of Pilipinas Got Talent. As of posting, there is no official announcement yet on the possible new season of the said show. But knowing that Kris has no credibility of being a judge when it comes to singing, ABS-CBN can now choose from our great song composers, singers, who can obviously be much better judges than Kris.

#4 There will be no more personal ‘sex talk’ on national TV

I still remember the names and faces of the bold stars of the 80s and 90s. But as far as I remember, none of them have been vocal about having no sex, not on national TV. Well, I’m not comparing Kris to any of them, that’s why I was surprised to hear her admitting in front of the televiewers that she has not had sex.That was in January 2014, and she did not mention it again. But hey, do you really need to announce that in public?

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#5 PNoy might have a girlfriend whom he will eventually marry

With President Noynoy Aquino still being a bachelor, he can easily attract a woman and eventually marry. But with Kris’ tackless mouth, who will be the girl brave enough to expose herself as the girlfriend of the president. We all know that PNoy has been romantically involved with younger women, and it’s nothing but normal. What is not normal is when his sister talks about it. There is such thing we called respect of privacy.

Please don’t get me wrong; I don’t hate Kris. I respect her decision when it comes to choosing a father of her children. However, I believe that she should rethink some of her actions. And with her being in the US next year and PNoy not the president anymore, maybe the Philippines will somehow be a better place to live in.


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