5 Jobs Jaybee Sebastian Can Easily Get Hired At If He Is Not A High-Profile Bilibid Inmate

As the nation have watched this Monday, October 10, Jaybee Sebastian appeared for the first time before Congress for the continuation of the hearing on illegal drugs trade inside the New Bilibid Prison (NBP). And although some of his statements are opposite with the other witnesses, he also claims that he gave money to then-DOJ Secretary Leila de Lima.

According to his testimony, he is a college dropout. He was charged for kidnapping and car theft, and was convicted in 2009. But obviously, he is smart and very polite. In case you did not notice, he said ‘sorry’ before he mentioned the PI word during the hearing. Therefore, here are five jobs that we think he will fit in if he is not a high-profile inmate.

#1 Company Manager

Sebastian’s long experience as the Commando Gang leader requires him to have a very strong leadership skills, and most of the other witnesses said he was a tough gang leader. In fact, he headed one of the two drug operators inside the Bilibid. In short, he can make his people follow him, and we therefore think he can also be a good company manager.

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#2 Action Star/Character Actor

With his looks and built at the age of 36, we strong believe that he can easily earn tons of fans from being a character actor in the movies and TV series. And because he survived a grenade explosion in 2015, and was recently stabbed 12 times with an ice pick in the hand and body, we think that these incidents make him very much qualified as an action star.

#3 Resource Speaker

Obviously, Jaybee Sebastian is very articulate, and he can look straight to the eyes of every congressman he was talking to. He looks confident when providing details of his testimony, and is also consistent with his answers no matter how many times the same questions were asked. So yes, he can be a great resource speaker as long as he knows the topic.

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#4 Salesman

Sebastian admitted that he made good money from transactions of shabu inside the Bilibid. He said he acts a middleman between Chinese drug lords and Filipino inmates who have connection with the outside world. Although he said he sometimes invest money on it, he noted that there are times that trust is just enough. A quality of a great salesman.

#5 Congressman/Senator

Jaybee Sebastian is qualified to run for congressman or senator, that is of course, if he is not serving 2 life sentences. But based on his intelligence level and appearance, we think he can easily win an election. And mind you, many ex-convicts have been elected in Congress and Senate. In fact, some of them have been re-elected and are still in power.

We at TN would like to emphasize that we haven’t met with Jaybee Sebastian. We only based our opinion on what we saw during the House hearing. We are also not saying that he is a credible witness, as we leave the decision to the House committee. Nevertheless, we really hope that illegal drugs trade and corruption inside the Bilibid should end ASAP.



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