5 Big Reasons Why EDSA People Power 1986 Celebration is Totally Dead

EDSA Revolution 1986 L sign

Being born in the mid-60s, I was a first-time voter during the snap-election between then-president Ferdinand .E. Marcos and Corazon “Cory” C. Aquino, the mother of incumbent president, Nonoy Aquino. This Wednesday, February 25 marks the 29th celebration of EDSA People Power 1986. However, it’s obvious that the annual celebration gradually lost its magic and has finally died this year.

With the Fallen 44 controversy, some groups now want President Noynoy Aquino to resign. The call was even joined by PNoy’s uncle, former congressman Jose “Peping” Cojuangco. Some people hate the idea because they don’t like VP Jejomar Binay to be the next president. Nevertheless, EDSA People Power 1 is not selling anymore even if the Mamasapano incident did not happen. Here’s why:

#5 Cory Aquino is not really the best presidential candidate that time

Don’t get me wrong. I have high respect for Tita Cory. I even voted for her. I was young then and have little information about politics. My father doesn’t like Marcos and he “motivated” me not to vote for him. He told me he doesn’t also like Cory because of her no-experience, but there was no other choice. Many years later, I realized that there were better presidentiables that time but Ninoy’s widow is a sure win to beat Marcos. When my father and I talked about it again in the late 90s, he just shook his head.

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#4 Filipinos were divided, and the next presidents could not control it

Thanks to the “balimbings,” especially to the two gentlemen who supported Tita Cory to oust Marcos. But no thanks, though. Gringgo Honassan, who had a major participation during EDSA People Power Revolution in1986, led a series of coup attempts against Cory administration. Then-VP Salvador Laurel withdrew his support, along with Juan Ponce Enrile, who resigned in November 1986 as Defense Secretary. The Filipinos were divided and President Cory Aquino could not control the situation.

#3 Traditional politicians (Trapos) took advantage of the situation

Needless to say, traditional politicians (liars, cheaters, voter buyers, pigs, etc.) took advantage of the situation. These filthy creatures surfaced from everywhere and pretended to be heroes. And because the “masa” accepted small money from these “trapos” to fill their stomachs, corruption became a common talent among these greedy politicians. They won the elections by using their popularity, influence, and money. On the other hand, presidents Fidel V. Ramos, Joseph “Erap” Estrada, and Gloria Arroyo had their own shares of controversies.

#2 Noynoy Aquino is not the best presidential candidate as well

I’m glad that I was very mature in terms of analyzing politics when Nonoy Aquino ran for president. Again, don’t get me wrong, I have high respect for him but I voted for another candidate. I believe that he’s not ready to run (at least during that time) but the “masa” wants him. Tita Cory passed away in 2009, which led Liberal Party president and then-senator Mar Roxas to give way to PNoy to be the presidential candidate. But for me, there were a lot of better presidentiables that time. You know them, I’m sure.

#1 Many Filipinos want to have a hero, not a great president

There are endless debates about Ninoy Aquino being declared a hero, while Marcos loyalists continue stand by their principles. This can be compared between the issue of Emilio Aguinaldo and Andres Bonifacio. Politics is eating us alive but we never learn. In fact, I think Philippines is getting worst. Many Filipinos want to have a hero for their president, instead of someone who is really capable of leading the country in all aspects, especially in improving the economy. Anyone can be a hero, but not anyone can be a great president.


I have no personal attachment or anger to the Marcoses and Aquinos. I admire President Marcos for his strong leadership. I also respect the bravery of Ninoy Aquino for risking his life for his principles. But being a Filipino, I hope we all move forward and stop pointing fingers. If we really like to have a hero, we can be a hero in our little ways.

If you hate corruption, don’t pay a fixer and process your papers legally. If you want the economy to grow, don’t buy pirated products. If you want freedom, use it properly and don’t abuse it. If you want great public servants, don’t vote for trapos in 2016. If you can practice these traits, consider yourself as a hero. Otherwise, please move to Antartica. Or better yet, cross EDSA while the green light is on and buses are running fast.

Disclaimer: The above opinion is a guest post by a certain Pandong (the young man in the photo above posing an “L” sign). He requested TN not to reveal his real identity to avoid bashers and being a victim of cyber bully. His opinions are not necessarily the same with the writers of TN.

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