2015 Mustang Female Professional Stunt Driver Pranks Blind Date (Video)

2015 Ford Mustang prank blind date

The video below should serve as a strong warning to men who plan to have a blind date this Valentine’s Day. The reason: Never trust a beautiful lady with a new 2015 Ford Mustang. Otherwise, you will be caught on camera while being scared to death for the most unexpected thrill ride of your life.

Titled “Speed Dating Prank,” the video features a dazzling professional stunt driver who agreed to go to a blind date to six unsuspecting men on different occasions. The unnamed female stunt driver met the guys on a café. Without their knowledge, there are some hidden cameras recording their conversation.

After chatting with the men, the stunning lady invited each of them for a ride on her new, red 2015 Ford Mustang. While the blond driver is driving the stunning new model of Mustang, she told the men that she has no experience in driving a manual transmission. And yes, she’s not telling the truth.

At first, the female professional stunt driver is driving smoothly pretending not be a good driver. The men politely offered themselves a hand to drive the car, but the woman declined their offers. The female driver listens to their stories while they are inside the car, until it went boring.

But as she reached a vacant parking lot, she went ballistic in driving the latest Ford Mustang model. Each of the six men had funny reactions, and was surprised with her amazing driving skills. The men hold on to their dear lives as the female driver makes some dangerous spins around the parking lot.

When the female driver stopped, she introduced herself and revealed her real profession. She told them about the hidden cameras and that everything is only a set up. But of course, we all know that the men are also actors. They were hired for this latest 2015 Ford Mustang commercial so you will buy the car!

Nevertheless, the lady is really stunning…but not as stunning as the new Ford Mustang model 🙂