1989 Felipe Pugoy Davao Prison Hostage Crisis: The Story Behind Duterte Rape Joke

Pugoy hostage Davao Duterte

Presidential candidate Mayor Rody Duterte was heavily criticized when he joked about an Australian missionary who was raped and killed in Davao City in 1989. Women’s rights group Gabriela and his fellow presidentiables agree that Duterte made a bad joke, so we got curious on the story of the woman behind it. We learned that he was referring to Jaqueline Hamill. Below are the details of her story.

On August 13, 1988, Felipe Pugoy led his team called ‘Wild Boys of Dapecol’ to take hostages in a prison inside Camp Domingo Leonor (now the Davao City Police Office). This includes Hamill, 36, an Australian missionary She has been in the country for only a month, and it was then her first time to conduct prayers services in that prison.

All in all, Pugoy and company took 15 members of Protestant group called Joyful Assembly of God. This includes Hamill, eight other women, and a 9-year-old boy. The group demanded to be transferred to New Bilibid Prison in Muntinlupa. The negotiations took almost three days, which was covered live in local TV.

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The military negotiators then arranged the release of the hostages. But as some of the hostages were released, shots were fired, killing a total of 21 people, all the 16 prisoners (including Felipe Pugoy), and 5 hostages, including Hamill and the 9-year-old boy. Local authorities said none of the hostages was killed by the soldiers.

But just days earlier, Pugoy and his team also tried to escape from Davao City Penal Colony (DaPeCol). That time, Mayor Rody Duterte was the main negotiator and offered himself as the replacement for the prison guards that were held hostages. Shortly, Duterte was able to convince the group to go to the Davao City hall.

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But unknown to Pugoy, Mayor Duterte ordered a team to wait for them inside the city hall. Shortly, all the hostage takers were arrested and were sent back to jail, but his time to the cell where he and his team took hostages including Jaqueline Hamill. The incident led to 1992 movie titled Pugoy: Hostage Davao, starring Ian Veneracion.

Update: Monday, April 18, 2016, 11:30 am:

Hours after the heavily criticized video was released, Mayor Rody Duterte had an interview with the media about this controversy. On a 26-minute video, he said it was a bad remarks, but definitely not a bad joke. He also narrated the details on what happened in the 1989 Davao prison hostage crisis when he allowed himself to be the hostage. Watch the full video below.

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And yes, Duterte’s joke about her is a very bad one. So go ahead and judge him.

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