18-Year Old Girl Slams ‘It’s Showtime’ Twerk Dances of Ella Cruz, Anne Curtis (Video)

Ann Curtis Twerk Its Showtime

Without a doubt, many televiewers enjoyed watching the recent ‘Twerk’ dance performances of Ella Cruz and Anne Curtis on ABS-CBN’s ‘It’s Showtime.’ But according to 18-year old Camille Laroco from Cainta, Rizal, the said performances are inappropriate to be featured on a live noontime show, where many kids and young teens could be watching.

On her Facebook post on Wednesday, August 19, 2015 titled ‘A Rant about Media from a Concerned 18-year old Lady,’ Laroco admits being a Kapamilya fan. However, she criticized the twerk performances of Cruz and Curtis at ‘It’s Showtime,’ suggesting that they are provocative and unsuitable for young televiewers.

And although the 18-year old girl said that there’s nothing wrong with such performances and following the trend, she emphasized that Ella Cruz is too young for this at her age. She’s only 19. Camille also noted that she is a huge fan of Anne Curtis, and that she thinks that the ‘It’s Showtime’ host is just following orders from the show director.

Laroco suggested that many teenagers today are very liberated, and are being blinded about sex. She emphasized that celebrities should be role models. However, she said she is not blaming Ella and Anne, but rather the business itself. She calls on ABS-CBN not to use their artists to increase their ratings, and wondering why the MTRCB is not acting on this matter.

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16 yr old girl criticizes showtime twerking16 yr old girl criticizes showtime twerking 2

Credit: Camille Laroco Facebook

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Ella Cruz performs “Twerk It Like Miley” on It’s Showtime

Anne Curtis twerks on It’s Showtime

We at TN support Camille Laroco in her rant. In fact, we are surprised that an 18-year old girl like her is so vocal, instead of adults and parents. And no, we think this is not an issue of ABS-CBN vs GMA-7, or “It’s Showtime’ vs ‘Eat Bulaga.’ We think this is an issue of corrupting the minds of minors, telling them that it’s ok to dance like that.

But before you call us malicious or narrow-minded, imagine a teenage boy watching both performances. Can you guess what’s running on his mind? If you have a daughter or sister, will you allow them to dance like that in front of young kids? We dare MTRCB to answer these questions, instead of just reminding people which shows are inappropriate for kids. Note that not all kids have parents or adults around them.

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