10 Interesting Things About Maine Mendoza You Probably Still Don’t Know Yet

You already know that Maine Mendoza is the Dubsmash Queen of the Philippines, doing wacky faces. Coming from a well family, she finished high school at St. Paul College of Bocaue. She finished Hotel, Restaurant and Institution Management (HRIM) major in Culinary Arts at De La Salle-College of St. Benilde, and had a 6-month OJT (On-the-job training) in New York.

Today, Saturday, October 24, 2015 is the much-awaited ‘Sa Tamang Panahon’ event. AlDub Nation is expected to create history at the 55,000-seater Philippine Arena, where Alden Richards and Maine Mendoza (aka Yaya Dub) will have a show together for the first time. The AlDub phenomenon has broken Twitter records and has enjoyed super high TV ratings.

As Yaya Dub and the other half of AlDub, Maine Mendoza has appeared in various commercials including McDonald’s, Zonrox, 555 Sardines, Talk n Text, and O+ smartphone with Lola Nidora (played by Wally Bayola). But despite the tons of articles written about her, below are 10 interesting things about Maine that you probably still don’t know yet.

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#1 Maine Mendoza once dreamed of becoming a flight attendant

Yes, Maine once dreamed of becoming a flight attendant. On her blog post dated August 9, 2015, she said she has to decide whether she will take Hospitality management, Tourism management and Culinary Arts as a special course during her sophomore year. However, she learned that airlines are unlikely to hire Tourism graduates so she took up Culinary Arts.

#2 Maine Mendoza has been blogging since 2011

Yes, Maine started her personal blog back in August 2011, when she was still a college freshman. She started her blog using the free platform (WordPress.com) using the domain thepessimisticoptimistbella.wordpress.com. In April 2015, she eventually switched to self-hosting at WordPress.org and used her name as the domain name โ€“ mainemendoza.com.

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#3 Maine Mendoza loves to write poems

Yes, Maine also writes poems. Among the long list of poems she wrote and posted on her blog include ‘Frustrated Poet’, ’23rd of June’, ‘Eventually’, ‘Blues’, ‘Just A Dream’, ‘For She Was Already Hurt’, ‘Noon Bluesโ€™, and ’20 Things I Hate About You (10 Things I Hate About You Revised). However, her ‘Til Next Time, Love’ appears to talk about her heartache.

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Maine Mendoza poem

Credit: MaineMendoza.com

#4 The names of Maine and her siblings start with ‘Nico’

We all know that Yaya Dub’s full name is Nicomaine Dei Capili Mendoza. But do you know that all her four siblings also have ‘Nico’ on their names? Yes, they are Nicolette Ann, Nicoleen Dyann, Nicolas Dynn and Nicodeim Dean. Come to think of it, can you help us think of a baby name that also starts with ‘Nico’? Guess whose future baby we’re referring to?

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#5 Her sister’s wedding was on the same church their parents wed

As you may already have know, Nicolette Ann Mendoza-Catalan (Maine’s sister) gave birth to a healthy baby boy last September 3. Niki and her husband, John Carlos on January 4, 2014 at Sto. Domingo Church, Quezon City, where Maine’s parents (Engr. Teodoro Mendoza Jr. and Mary Ann) also got married. Do you wish Alden and Maine will also be married there?

#6 Maine is a picky-eater but a true lover of street food

Define irony. Maine Mendoza finished Culinary Arts, but she is a picky-eater. She confessed on her blog post back in 2013 that she doesn’t really like vanilla and chocolate flavored ice cream, and doesn’t drink milk too often. She loves eating sour fruits and anything coffee-flavored. And yes, she has been a lover of street food (isaw especially) long before she became Yaya Dub.

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#7 Maine Mendoza is the 3rd Twitter user in the world with the fastest growing followers

According to Socialbakers.com, Maine’ Twitter account is the third fastest growing profile worldwide, next to two of the world’s most famous singers, Katy Perry and Taylor Swift. In just a few months, Perry had 1,245,403 Twitter followers while Swift had 1,286,919. On the other hand, Mendoza had 1,094,813. As of posting, Maine has 2.17 million Twitter followers.

#8 Maine can write using left hand and right hand

Is Maine Mendoza left-handed or right handed? At Ask.fm, Maine said she is right-handed. However, some fans say she is left-handed just like Alden Richards. She used her left hand when she was writing on her card to Alden while he was singing โ€œGod Gave Me You.โ€But if are a keen observer, you will notice that she can write using left hand and right hand.

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Maine Mendoza left right handed write

#9 Maine is clumsy

In an interview featured in Chika Minute last August, Maine Mendoza’s close friends back in college revealed that Maine is clumsy. According to them, Maine usually falls down and her food sometimes fall from her plate. In fact, Aldub Nation witnessed it live when an quail egg (itlog ng pugo) fell from her mouth during her first date with Alden. No worries, she’s still cute.

#10 Maine loves to do song cover

Recently, we hear Maine Mendoza singing live a few lines of songs on Kalyeserye. And believe it or not, she has recorded herself singing some songs before she became Yaya Dub. However, she did not upload them because she thinks her singing voice is not good enough, and she didn’t want to embarrass herself. In fact, one of her regrets is not taking music lessons.

But while there seem to be endless fun facts about Maine Mendoza, what probably millions of people like about her is that she is really enjoying what she does. Although Eat Bulaga’s Kalyerse is going phenomenal here and worldwide, Maine continues to keep her feet on the ground. In fact, she does not worry about the negative things her bashers say about her.

And although Eat Bulaga is noticeably taking good care of her and said that the ‘Sa Tamang Panahon’ is only just the beginning, she knows her popularity will not be forever. On the other hand, Aldub Nation accepts the fact that she and Alden might not end up together. But still, AlDub will always be a part of their hearts, and history as well. We AlDub you, Maine! ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚

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