10 Achievements of Mayor Rody Duterte That Will Convince You To Vote For Him

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Davao City Mayor Rody Duterte is known for his cursing and for being a womanizer. However, he has numerous achievements that many people are not aware of. Also dubbed as “The Punisher,” Mayor Duterte seems to be not what people see on him on his speeches, interviews and debates. Below are 10 of his accomplishments that can help convince you to vote for him.

#1 Development Code in Davao City (City Ordinance 5004)

Implemented on in July 27, 1998, the Development Code in Davao City (City Ordinance 5004) is the first-of-its kind in the history of the Philippines. With this comprehensive and integrated approach to protect women in his city, Mayor Rody Duterte also wants women to have equal rights as men in helping build a better city, and to reduce crime against women.

#2 Comprehensive Anti-Smoking Ordinance

As a former chain-smoker, Mayor Rody Duterte enacted Comprehensive Anti-Smoking Ordinance in 2002. In 2012, his daughter, then-Mayor Inday Sara Duterte signed City Ordinance No. 0367-12, or the New Comprehensive Anti-Smoking Ordinance which prohibits smoking in public, workplaces and establishments. And yes, this is being strictly implemented.

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#3 Anti-Discrimination Ordinance

In December 2012, then-Vice Mayor Rody Duterte enacted Anti-Discrimination Ordinance, which stricly prohibites anyone in Davao City to discriminate disabled people, and to have equal rights for Christians, Muslims, Lumads, gays and lesbian. This city ordinance was widely applauded by the LGBT community. Violators are being fined accordingly, and may be jailed.

#4 Fire Cracker Ban

Unlike in other major cities in the Philippines, City Ordinance No. 060-02 of 2002 strictly prohibits anyone to manufacture, sell, distribute, possess or use fire crackers (and other similar devices) in Davao City, as well as gun firing. So if you plan to celebrate Christmas and New Year in the city, you can be sure of being safe from related incidents, including stray bullets.

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#5 Davao Central 911

The Davao Central 911 was an added feature in 2003, after the launch of the Central Communications and Emergency Response Center in 2002. This free call service offers immediate response from the police, firefighters, medical workers, as well as and rescue services. So far, the only city in the Philippines that has copied this concept is Kidapawan City.

#6 Strict liquor ban

The liquor ban (City Ordinance 1627) in Davao City is strictly being implemented since 1994. But in 2013, a stricter law was enacted, which now prohibits selling and drinking liquor from 1am to 8am, instead of 2am to 6am only. And yes, this ordinance is implemented to all business establishments including hotels, food houses, even those that are tourist-accredited.

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#7 Strict speed limit

On Oct 29, 2013, Mayor Rody Duterte released Executive Order No. 39, wherein allows only 30 kph speed limit within the downtown area, and maximum speed of 40 kph in highways. This law then resulted to high reduction of road accidents in Davao City. And yes, this is strictly being implemented. In fact, Inday Sara Duterte was once caught, and apologized via local TV.

#8 Mayor Rody Duterte as taxi driver at night

In August 2013, Maria Anna Luna Saguilo of Davao City couldn’t help but post her once-in-a-lifetime heartwarming experiences in Davao City on Facebook. According to her, she was surprise to know that the taxi that she rode one night is no less than Mayor Rody Duterte. Yes, the tough-talking mayor randomly drives taxi at night, hoping to catch bad elements in the city.

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#9 Mayor Rody Duterte declined Cabinet offers

Former presidents Fidel Ramos, Joseph Estrada and Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo offered Mayor Rody Duterte to be the DILG secretary but he declined. Even President Noynoy Aquino offered him the same post when Secretary Jesse Robredo died, But he again declined, maintaing his stand that he is not qualified. Humility is a character that very rare leaders have accomplished.

#10 Mayor Rody Duterte gives monthly allowance to drug dependents

Despite his strong campaign against illegal drugs, Mayor Rody Duterte has a soft spot for drug dependents especially the youth.. In fact, his administration is giving a P2,000-monthly allowance to local drug users who submit themselves and are willing to be treated at the 1.2-hectare Rehabilitation Center for Drug Dependents (RCDD) in BagoTugbok District, Davao City.

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For Mayor Rody Duterte’s long list of accomplisments, Davao City received a Seal of Good Local Governance award early this year by the Department of the Interior and Local Government (DILG), which was signed by no less than Mar Roxas, who was then the DILG Secretary and now also running for president. But I suppose his best achievement is his ability to motivate people to be law-abiding citizens. For him, no one is above the law.

With the current situation of the Philippines, I think we really need a tough leader. His leadership skills can help improve the economy of the country. I also think that the people who are afraid of him are those who don’t want to follow the law. But I know he cannot do it alone. This is why I will consistently follow the law and will continue respecting the rights of others.

And because he has no enough budget for his campaign, I’m writing this post for free. So yes, I will vote Mayor Rody Duterte for president, and I hope you will, too.

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The above post was submitted to us by a certain Julio N. He said he prefers his article to be published on our site instead of his Facebook page. He added that he doesn’t want his page to be flocked with Friend Requests and comments because he is seldom online. TN is not affiliated with any presidentiable or political party, but we hope to have an honest election.

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